Chloe Burrow ACII on Women in Insurance, Breaking Barriers and Creating Equal Opportunities

As we approach International Women’s Day, a global celebration of women’s achievements, we recognise the importance of celebrating the achievements and contributions of all our women across our business. 

We recognise the invaluable role that women play in driving innovation, fostering inclusion, delivering solutions for our clients and shaping the future of our industry.

As a leading insurance company, AssuredPartners UK and Ireland is committed to fostering a culture of equity, inclusion and belonging where all employees can thrive and succeed.

Through recent initiatives such as;

  • The launch of our Menopause Policy, which includes access to specialist GP support through Peppy
  • Continuous learning focused on strengthening psychological safety and inclusion; building capability and confidence for all our talent across every level of the business
  • Active Inclusion and Belonging Coalition ensuring accountability for activating our DEI strategy

We are proud to have many inspiring women who make significant contributions to not only our company but the broader insurance industry. From accomplished Brokers to our Head of HR, these women serve as role models and mentors inspiring current and future generations of leaders. Their dedication, resilience, and passion for excellence are truly commendable and deserving of recognition and celebration.

Support, Lead, Inspire.

Chloe Burrow ACII, Associate Director at  AssuredPartners speaks on her journey within the
insurance industry:

“As a woman in insurance at AssuredPartners, I’ve found a supportive environment dedicated to breaking barriers and fostering equal opportunities. Here, my gender is not a limitation but a strength, propelling me forward in a field historically dominated by men. Together, we’re rewriting the narrative, creating a more inclusive industry where all voices are heard.”

Celebrating Women in Insurance

“International Women’s Day is a great opportunity for us to celebrate the significant contributions of all the women who have made our firm the leading insurance broker and risk consultant in our specialist sectors, often breaking through the traditional boundaries in a male-dominated industry.  We want to develop our culture to be one of real equality and meritocracy where all contributions are recognised and rewarded and new generations of women have the confidence to fully express themselves and succeed.

For me International Women’s Day makes me remember and celebrate the inspiring women I have been exposed to across generations, from my grandmother and her six daughters, to my mother, my sister and my wife, to the female teachers and mentors I have learned so much from and of course to my two daughters whose achievements in their education, career and personal life leave me in awe of them and who they are.”

Paul Williams, Head of Office at AssuredPartners Hettle Andrews.

Our Continued Investment.

By investing in the professional development and growth of our employees, we strengthen our company culture and drive positive change within the industry, and the communities in which we serve whilst delivering the best solutions for our clients.

On International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the achievements of women in insurance and recommit to building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive industry.

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