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We recognise that a great many business owners want the opportunity to release equity value, and de-risk, without completely handing over the reins of a business which they have worked tirelessly to build over a number of years. Avoiding wholesale change, we look to support our acquisitions to seek out and deliver on real opportunities for growth.

What this means for you

Retained autonomy

We want the businesses we acquire to retain the identity, the spark and the DNA that has made them so successful. The business will be encouraged to maintain the uniqueness which made it the right fit for us in the first place.

Supported growth

The keyword here is supported. Whether through additional acquisitions, hiring new talent or entering a new market, we have built our own UK business based on a measured approach and will extend the same courtesy to the companies with which we partner.

Acquisition structure

All deals are different, but we like simple acquisition structures. We prefer to acquire the whole business and with cash, which means no shares in a holding company out of your control. By keeping our acquisitions separate, your success will be inextricably linked to the success of your company, while taking advantage of the wider group opportunities.

Access to group resources

The group is responsible for placing in excess of £350m worth of premium into the UK market every year. This means that insurers often offer us improved terms and we are listened to when we talk.

Central services support

We understand that the HR, Finance and Operational functions impose a significant time and cost burden on independent brokers. Our scale allows us to take a share of that burden centrally, thus freeing you up to spend more time with your clients.

Partnership. Expertise. Innovation. Passion. Doing the right thing. These aren’t traits you typically find in the world’s largest insurance firms. But you’ll find them with us because we’re invested in your success – now and for the long run.

Previous Acquisitions
Hear from some of our success stories:

We are delighted to hear the positive messages from colleagues who have already been through an acquisition with us. Our best advocates are those who can speak candidly about what it is really like; therefore we always encourage our new acquisition targets to speak to a handful of recent new additions as part of their decision-making process.

“All of the directors of Hettle Andrews are delighted to have concluded the sale of the business to AssuredPartners.

As part of a wider group, we have considerable opportunity to grow together and to provide the same great service to existing and new clients. This is a new phase in the development of Hettle Andrews and we are excited about the future working together. We found ourselves in the privileged position of having a great deal of interest from potential suitors but felt that AssuredPartners offered something different to the existing acquirers in the marketplace.”

Jon Hettle and Jo Andrews CEOs, Hettle Andrews

“We were not particularly looking to sell, but after meeting with AssuredPartners we realised very quickly that we shared a very similar view on how we like to operate our respective businesses.

The partnership we have entered into provides us with the unique opportunity to continue servicing our clients in the same manner that has been the bedrock of our success over recent years but also gives us the opportunity of being part of an expanding team of individuals engaged in growing the AssuredPartners’ operation across the UK.”

Janine Revill and Neil Revill CEO’s, Red Insure and Everest Underwriting

“There was a considerable amount of interest from the market in acquiring our business, however, it quickly became clear that the AssuredPartners proposition offered something completely different.

The cultural synergies between ourselves and AssuredPartners were obvious from the outset of our conversations. This gave me the comfort that post-acquisition our clients would remain paramount to our service offering, whilst at the same time allowing the Borland team to be an integral part of the exciting project of growing the AssuredPartners’ operation across the UK retail space.”

John Silcock CEO, Borland Insurance

“I’m incredibly proud of the part that OCI has played in the lives of our clients over the last 70 years. We have a great team of people and there is so much more that we want to achieve. The prospect of being able to do that working alongside my new colleagues in Ireland and internationally, without having to sell the soul of the company, means so much to me and is really the perfect outcome.”

Caeva O’Callaghan Managing Director, O’Callaghan Insurances

“After 33 years building a successful and rapidly growing business, we are delighted to partner with AssuredPartners to become their platform for growth in the Irish market. The mutually strong cultural fit was evident from the outset of our discussions and in our shared ambition to further accelerate GMIB’s growth trajectory both organically and through acquisition.”

Tadgh Gallivan Chairman, GMIB

“I am incredibly proud of the business we have built over the years. I see this acquisition as a means by which we can maintain our company DNA and be well-placed to continue expanding as a business, both organically and via acquisition. The whole team at Anchorman is looking forward to this next chapter and the opportunities that it will present to us.”

Mike Fisher Founder, Anchorman Insurance Consultants

“AssuredPartners have met all our requirements in continuing our exceptional service to our clients. I am proud we have secured a like minded partner who will allow us to continue and reinforce our growth trajectory. Our constant drive for change and growth is in built in our DNA and we needed a partner that we could continue to flourish our entrepreneurial spirit”.

Justin Romero-Trigo CEO, Romero Group

“We are very excited about our new partnership with AssuredPartners and are looking forward to the future of CIA. It is a fantastic opportunity for all of us at CIA to continue the development of the business and maintaining the existing culture, whilst having the further benefits and support of the wider AssuredPartners group.”

Richard Wayman, Jackie Compton and Misty-Lee Reev, Leadership Team of CIA Insurance

The approach of AssuredPartners was refreshingly different and after meeting the senior team we were excited about the future with AP. We are really proud of what we have achieved and firmly believe that this new chapter gives us the opportunity to keep growing the business without compromising on our ethos which has served us so well.

Gavin Mead and Lee Galan-Davis Managing Directors, GM Insurance

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