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Our Partners

AssuredPartners London stands as a hub of specialized insurance excellence. With a profound understanding of wholesale and retail sectors, our global reach ensures tailor-made services for clients worldwide. As a Lloyd’s broker, they wield access to premier company markets and Lloyd’s syndicates, offering an expansive spectrum of pricing and products. Established through the integration of five distinguished insurance brokerage firms in 2015, they possess a unique ability to align clients with expert teams, delivering customised coverage solutions for diverse scenarios. Their experience spans Financial Risk, Professional Liability, Directors’ and Officers’, Cyber, and more. AssuredPartners London is where specialised expertise meets global coverage.

Situated in Belgium, Assured Partners Belgium is the European wing of AssuredPartners Inc., one of the largest brokerage firms in the US. Our expertise spans the wholesale and retail domains, honed through deep-rooted industry knowledge. With a unique global reach, they extend customised services to clients across the globe. As the bridge between continents, they bring global insights and personalised solutions to the table, embodying the essence of global-local collaboration.

Hettle Andrews, a leading chartered insurance broker, stands out for more than just its professionalism—it’s their relentless pursuit of growth and excellence that distinguishes them. Crafting bespoke risk management and insurance solutions tailored to each client’s unique requirements and budgets is their expertise. They begin by forging relationships, diving deep into your business and sector, thus grasping the distinct needs.Their independent status empowers them to provide precisely the services that serve the clients best interests. Beyond business, they embrace a broader responsibility, actively minimizing their environmental footprint. At Hettle Andrews, their dedication to learning, growth, and responsible practices sets us apart in the insurance landscape.

Risk Solutions emerges as a trailblazing Underwriting Agency, redefining norms in the industry. Their dynamic approach challenges conventions, blending innovative underwriting with strategic commercial insight. By listening, understanding, and creating, they foster exclusive, enduring partnerships with brokers, fostering mutual business success. Backed by a seasoned team boasting profound underwriting experience, they focus on delivering bespoke services to their select broker panel. Every senior member carries chartered status, reflecting their unwavering commitment to excellence. Partnering solely with ‘Blue-Chip’ insurers boasting ‘A’ rated capacity, they assure brokers are of safe and secure hands. At Risk Solutions, they pioneer change and elevate standards for the better.

Red Insure boasts a seasoned team of technicians, marked by unparalleled experience. Their Senior members, with over 30 years each in the insurance industry, hold esteemed qualifications like “Chartered” status. Focusing on the Hotel and Leisure sector, they are the go-to for tailored coverage. From Hotels and Restaurants to Nightclubs, they have got you covered. Their specialized Property Owners team, enriched by Estate Agency expertise, ensures comprehensive protection. Proudly also serving the Sporting Community, they are the trusted choice for National and Local competitions. At Red Insure, they blend knowledge and specialisation to provide the best coverage, backed by decades of industry insight.

Borland is your trusted partner in crafting tailored insurance solutions. Operating as a private enterprise, they share a passion for personalised service and cost-effective rates, just like their clients. Their unwavering commitment to quality coverage and service underscores our business insurance approach. With a claims service steeped in commercial expertise, they collaboratively assess and minimize risks for their clients. From years of experience, they are equipped to arrange comprehensive coverage for diverse commercial needs. At Borland, it’s all about delivering a personal touch and safeguarding your business.

PSP stands proudly as a premier professional Insurance Broker, a trusted presence in the South West since 1981. With a network of 8 branch offices across the region, they thrive in providing localized, personal advisory services. Their ethos is grounded in client-centricity, resonating through every facet of their operations. From safeguarding assets to risk mitigation, PSP’s dedication to client needs is unwavering. PSP’s core lies in crafting solutions, harmonizing with their commitment to expert counsel and personalized service. To uphold this promise, each client gains a dedicated account advisor, embodying our service excellence and ensuring a seamless orchestration across all facets of PSP, delivering unparalleled service quality., rooted in the picturesque town of Killarney, County Kerry, reflects a legacy of growth and expertise. Originally established by Tadgh and Annamaria Gallivan in 1989 as ‘Tadgh Gallivan Insurances Ltd’, the company’s evolution led to three distinct entities. Denis Murphy assumed leadership in 2002, eventually becoming Managing Director and co-owner by 2006. As ‘Gallivan Murphy Hooper Dolan Insurances Ltd’ (, the company expanded further from new High Street offices in 2012, amassing a team of 85 adept insurance professionals. With an all-Ireland client base, is primed to cater to diverse personal and business insurance requirements

Anchorman Insurance stands as a premier force in the realm of Professional Indemnity Insurance. With a stronghold in the Property, Safety, and Training & Development sectors, they are the go-to choice for professionals offering specialized advice. Their expertise lies in meticulously guiding these professionals through the intricacies of Professional Indemnity and complementary business insurance, ensuring they’re comprehensively safeguarded. Backed by the trust of over 3,000 small and medium-sized practices, their growth has been organic, driven by their industry reputation and laser focus on a select range of industries. Client recommendations underscore their dedication to delivering tailored, industry-leading insurance solutions.

O’Callaghan Insurances emerges as a comprehensive brokerage firm, adept at crafting bespoke insurance and risk management solutions for both Commercial and Personal Clients. With a robust team of over 50 professionals spread across their offices in Dundalk, Monaghan, and Navan, the company exudes expertise. Boasting a substantial client base of over 2,400 corporate clients and 25,000 personal clients, O’Callaghan Insurances has thrived through a legacy of entrepreneurship and unwavering client-centered values since 1949. Their extensive industry connections and community integration fuel their commitment to securing the most competitive insurance solutions, empowering clients to excel in their respective industries.

Hailing from Killaloe, County Clare, Ireland, O’Donovan is a cornerstone of local excellence, delivering top-notch service to their clients. Established in 1981, this family-run insurance broker, ODI, has garnered a loyal client base exceeding 4,000. Their skills extend across diverse domains of personal and commercial insurance, setting them apart as specialists in the field. O’Donovan’s legacy of quality and their commitment to clients’ needs underscore their enduring presence as a trusted partner in the insurance landscape.

Westinsure is a distinguished insurance partner offering a wide spectrum of coverage to both commercial and personal clients. Focusing on Business, Property, Charities, Private, and Cyber sectors, Westinsure exhibits prowess in tailoring comprehensive insurance solutions. Situated in Plymouth, they stand as a local and independent specialist, catering to a diverse array of insurance needs. Encompassing Plymouth, Torbay, and Exeter within their reach, Westinsure’s friendly and seasoned team brings substantial industry expertise to the table. Their commitment to practical guidance is underscored by a complimentary policy review, epitomizing their dedication to shaping optimal insurance strategies for individuals and businesses across the South West.

InEvexco, established in 2011, emerges as a prominent provider of insurance solutions tailored to the dynamic event, exhibition, and conference sector. Revered as thought leaders within their domain, InEvexco’s profound expertise has propelled them into rapid growth in recent years. As we partner with Mark Clayton and the adept team, this signifies an exciting phase in their journey. With access to an extensive distribution network across the United States, both parties are poised to realize ambitious growth plans. InEvexco’s prowess and our strategic partnership stand poised to redefine the landscape of insurance in the events industry.

Founded in 2004, GM provide a range of commercial insurance solutions across various industry sectors including trade & construction and have a particular expertise in placing coverage for the recycling industry. Handling in the region of £10m GWP.

Founded in 1997 by Justin Romero-Trigo, Romero has enjoyed exceptional growth and become one of the largest independent commercial insurance brokers in the UK, controlling over £100m of GWP and employing 205 staff across 5 regional offices.

Operating over a wide range of industry sectors, Romero has particular expertise in construction and manufacturing placements and is a market leader in the leisure and sports club sector via its Club Insure brand.

Founded in the mid-1990s, CIA Insurance is an independent intermediary renowned for its expertise in specific niches within the landlord insurance market. Controlling over £45 million of Gross Written Premium (GWP) and with a workforce of more than 90 employees, the company has built an outstanding reputation in the sector.

CIA Insurance extends its services to motorbike, commercial and household insurance clients across the UK.

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