Lucy El-Aawar on Interview Skills Session

At AssuredPartners International, we recently held an Interview Skills Session tailored for all managers and anyone who has or expects to have, involvement in the recruitment process. 

Key topics covered during the session included:

  • Interview Preparation
  • Tips on NLP and Body Language 
  • Competency-based interviewing 
  • Understanding the STAR technique 
  • How to record and asset the quality and outcome of an interview

Guest Speaker: Lee Thomas-Wragg

The session was held by Lee Thomas-Wragg, from Changing Hearts & Minds Consulting, who has over 20 years of experience in recruitment in a variety of organisations.

Lee also works in the Social Impact and DEI spaces, and alongside his consultancy business, has spent the past year working as Head of Social Value Relationships at a Charity called Change Please, which trains homeless people to become baristas and helps them find onward employment.

“The Interview Skills Session at AssuredPartners facilitated by Lee Thomas-Wragg was an invaluable opportunity for managers and individuals involved in the recruitment process to enhance their skills and understanding. We would like to thank Lee for running such an informative session!”

-Lucy El-Aawar, Head of HR

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