AssuredPartners International Conference 2024 – Killarney, Ireland

Strategic Growth Through Partnership: We are keeping the momentum going and turning our learnings into actions for a successful year ahead!

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We are reflecting on a brilliant few days in Killarney where we held our annual AssuredPartners International Conference, 2024.

It was attended by leadership teams from our agencies across the UK&I and we were also joined by key leadership figures from AssuredPartners in the US. We celebrated our continued expansion and discussed our plans for 2024 and beyond. Thanks to all the organisers, speakers, and attendees for making this event unforgettable. We are keeping the momentum going and turning our learnings into actions for a successful year ahead!

A note from David Heathfield, CEO AssuredPartners International:

“What an unforgettable experience we had at this year’s conference in Killarney, Ireland! It was a pleasure to gather with industry leaders, exchange insights, and immerse ourselves in the beauty of Killarney’s landscapes.

Our time in Killarney wasn’t just about scenic views—it was about strategic growth and partnership. From inspiring discussions to collaborative planning sessions, we’re more excited than ever to propel AssuredPartners International forward in 2024 and beyond.

As we return to our respective roles and continue our work, we carry with us the spirit of collaboration, determination, and innovation that defined our time in Killarney. Together, we’re ready to embrace the opportunities ahead and achieve new heights of success!

A huge thank you to everyone who made this experience possible.”

insurance mergers and acquisitions
insurance mergers and acquisitions

Guest Speaker: Jim Gavin

At this year’s conference, we invited Jim Gavin to come and speak to all attendees about leadership and intrinsic motivation.

To the general public, Jim Gavin is best known as the most successful manager in the history of Gaelic Football, overseeing the Dublin Men’s Senior Team’s record five All-Ireland titles in a row.

But he’s also a rising authority on leadership and motivation whose ideas are earning praise from organisations far beyond the football field.

In all his work, Jim promotes both the values instilled in him in his youth—hard work, giving back, respect for the community—and the guiding ethos of his training in the Irish Defence Forces: “Serve those that you lead.”

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