Inclusive Recruitment Session

At AssuredPartners International we are committed to building an inclusive culture, where everyone has the opportunity to be successful. We know that an inclusive culture contributes to a sense of belonging, promotes healthier and more empowering workplaces, respects differences, and optimises performance. 

As part of this commitment, we are investing in a range of learning and development workshops to build confidence and capability around how to cultivate success through the lens of inclusion. We recently conducted an inclusive recruitment workshop for all line managers as well as any team members who are actively involved or plan to be involved in the recruitment process across AssuredPartners International.

The workshop focused on how to mitigate the risk of bias and discrimination to ensure that are fair and equal opportunities for all candidates during the whole recruitment and selection process. The workshop included practical strategies on how to disrupt bias to ensure a more equitable recruitment process that ensures equal opportunities for all candidates and positive candidate experience.

Topics covered included:

  • Understanding where discrimination can occur during recruitment processes.
  • Recognising, mitigating, and removing bias throughout the recruitment process.
  • Understand some of the barriers marginalised and underrepresented groups face in recruitment – how to recognise them and ways to overcome them.
  • How to ensure a consistent experience for all talent entering into the recruitment process at AssuredPartners.
  • Shortlisting/selection – how to remain objective, recognise bias, and make selection decisions based on evidence.
  • Building inclusion competence and confidence in hiring managers and recruitment teams.
  • Opportunities to practically apply learning through reviewing case studies.

All who attended the workshop also received an Inclusive Hiring Guide for ongoing reference.

Why is Inclusive Recruitment important to us?

All evidence proves that organisations focused on building a more inclusive culture attract and retain a wider range of talent from different backgrounds, demographics, and experiences. The inclusive culture then empowers diverse talent to think differently and share their experiences and perspectives, which in turn is a key driver for innovation, performance, and engagement.

We acknowledge that incorporating inclusive hiring practices into our recruitment process is one if the most effective ways to strengthen diversity within the workforce and to create job opportunities that appeal to talent from a wide range of backgrounds. 

Inclusive recruitment is a core skill for hiring managers and those involved in the recruitment process. Their ability to recruit and inclusively select talent has a direct impact on the quality and success of our talent and our overall business performance. We want to ensure that we are challenging the status quo, and recruiting for cultural add, rather than a cultural fit to ensure we can fully leverage the power of diversity across our workforce.

How does Inclusive Recruitment fit into our DEIB Strategy?

Inclusive recruitment was identified as a key action within our DEIB strategy pillar – Equitable and Inclusive Organisational Culture which commits to embodying DEIB best practices in all internal policies, processes and ways of working that result in fair and equitable outcomes for ALL talent.

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